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    Lib Dems slip back in polls


    by ODN


    Signs that the Liberal Democrats' new-found popularity may be fading are emerging after a poll showed the party slipping back into third place.

    An Ipsos Mori survey for a Sunday newspaper puts the Lib Dems on just 23 per cent - down nine points on a similar poll on Monday - behind Labour on 30 per cent (up two) and the Conservatives on 36 per cent (up four).

    It suggests "Cleggmania" may be on the wane after both David Cameron and Gordon Brown put in much-improved performances in Thursday night's second televised leaders' debate.

    But three other polls suggest the surge which followed Nick Clegg's runaway victory in the first debate is not receding completely.

    A OnePoll survey for another newspaper puts the Lib Dems neck-and-neck with the Conservatives on 32 per cent, with Labour trailing on 23 per cent.

    An ICM survey put Tories on 32 per cent, Lib Dems on 31 per cent and Labour on 26 per cent, meaning all of the polls suggest the country is on course for a hung Parliament on May 7.