Matan Oberon - A dream, the journey


by matanoberon

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Matan Oberon is a two year old colt. When he was born, the mare died. I knew very little about horses when we bought the mare with foal. For months I studied, preparing for a worst case scenario. Obie was stuck inside the mare with his head turned. We were able to pull him out. Before she died, the mare allowed us to milk her, providing him with the colustrum.
Obie to me symbolizes what can be achieved with love, hard work and dedication. I have had SO MANY people help me on this journey. I am deeply grateful for each person. Obie is also an example that yes, you really can have a willing, respectful, happy, and healthy two year old colt.
We have followed the methods of Clinton Anderson, from imprinting at birth, his first ride... wonderful methods I would recommend for any horse person.
Thank you to each person who shares this journey with us - you have touched our lives.