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    Mike, my love - found myself alive in the palm of your hand

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    von CeeJay_Neongrau

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    (Please note!! - The post-production for the final version is NOT done yet!!!)

    Alright... finally I wrapped up my very first try of creating my own My-L.O.V.E.-to-Michael-kind-of-video, although this stupid program won't let me save it as an HQ quality file.
    I apologize for the certain positions of the text parts... I didn't want them to be right in Michael's beautiful face sometimes ;) ...
    I hope I will find another and better way to video-express my love to the man of my life! And I really hope for your honest opinions! :)

    A very big and special THANKS goes out to Bozeanne Davis, the incredible talented woman I ran into on youtube and who inspired me the most for the creating (trying out) of videos considering my endless love for Mike!