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Alan Watt on Alex Jones 1of9: “David beat Goliath”

há 8 anos206 views

Government interference on broadcasts – UN global governance – Agenda 21, Age of “Austerity” – Global poverty and oppression by treaties – Cloud computing, all-electronic transactions, equal government control of the Internet – Communist China, UN model-state for the world – Infanticide, one-child-per-family policy – Social approval-disapproval technique – Video games for desensitization to killing – Programming through entertainment – Deliberate dumbing down of population – Takedown of the West, financial crash, food shortages, riots – War on culture, destruction of family unit, creation of narcissist society – Breaking of Family, Tribal, National Bonds – Fabian Society, RIIA –Psychological war – Power of an Idea, Power of the Individual.


Entertainment Antisocial Net Censorship IPhone ID Eugenics Stanford Prison Experiment Role Playing Video Games Psychopath Gates Darwin Ruthless Tasers War of Terror Banned Websites