Precipitation Down Thru the Dimensions - 2 of 2

Theresa-Ann Harvey
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1st Journal 2010-04-22 TRANSCRIPT: On Scribd Intro, cont'd: ...The concept is about something, while it’s still mental. Conception IS something; it creates. It’s not one step removed, as the mind is, from everything. This just illumines how mind isn’t the last step in creation; in precipitation down into the physical realm. Another word for this thought, this conception, this thing we’ve conceived of – notice concept as the root word for conception – is vision. One visualizes, or gets or has a vision of that which one desires. One first sees it. That is the true beginning, the true inception of creation: seeing a thing in the mind’s eye... envisioning it. This starts the process. For, once a thing is seen in this way, it already exists. It is created. No, not on the physical dimension, but 3D is not the only thing going, you know...