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    Czech Audience Gives Six Curtain Calls to Shen Yun


    by NTDTelevision

    Brno audiences enthusiastically applauded Shen Yun three nights in a row at the National Theatre.

    The New York-based touring company performed to a near full-house theatre for all three performances.

    Several VIP‘s shared their first impressions of Shen Yun.

    [Jan Pijacek, Mayor of Vlcnov]: (Czech, probably male)
    "The whole performance had a fantastic spiritual dimension so I think that it is something that cannot be either described or expressed, a man just has to feel it."

    Czech Parliament Member Frantisek Sivera (pron. Frantishek) was glad to attend the show which he missed 2 years ago in the Czech capital of Prague.

    [Frantisek Sivera, Czech MP]:

    "The show is breathtaking, briliant, it is a play of colors and music, it is really a fantastic experience. I have never seen anything like that, so I am very surprised."

    Mr. Mikus bought tickets for all employees in his office.

    [Mr. Mikus, Businessman]: (Czech, male)
    "My impression is fantastic, I have booked 30 tickets for our Brno branch, so all employees will come. The title alone is fantastic 'Enter the world of majestic beauty' – along with the color, marvellous music and the strength of spirit – it is fantastic."

    This is the second time Shen Yun has performed in the Natioanl theatre in Brno.

    The spectacors liked the show so much that they gave Shen Yun six curtain calls in appreciation.

    NTD News, Brno, Czech Republic.