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    Deadly Plane Crash in the Philippines


    by NTDTelevision

    A Russian cargo plane crashed in the northern Philippines on Wednesday. Philippine authorities confirmed that the crash left three crewmembers dead, while three others were rescued.

    One plane crash survivor, who was the flight engineer, returned to the crash site and examined the wreckage.

    [Unidentified Plane Crash Survivor]: (Male, English) (no title bar)
    "When we stop it already, the three of us has been escaped, all three of us from window."

    Authorities say an electric malfunction caused a fire that led to the plane's crash.

    [Jose Sablan, Chairman of an Aircraft Agency]: (Male, English)
    "An electric short circuit on flight that caused his engine to quit so he lost first engine number one, and then followed by the three engines so he has no option but to force-land the aircraft on this field."

    The Antonov cargo plane took off from Cebu province and was on its way to an airport in Pampanga Province when it crashed on a rice field.