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    Ahmadinejad parle de Botul et Dieudonné


    by parodieproduction

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    The revolution for many Iranians is a new concept that emerged more than 30 years ago. This collage of video footage describes the sactifice young Iranians made back then, and how the new generation will walk in their footsteps today. With background vocals by Mohammad Isfahani. The Revolution launched a widespread lliteracy campaign from 30-40% during the US-backed Shah dictatorship to a 90% literacy rate today. It has brought forward innovations in being self-sufficient in the field of vehicle and space technology, nano-tech, nuclear and medicine technology and energy, laser technology, architecture, voting turnout of more than 30-40 million, widespread meritocracy, Shiite calvinism, 70% of university students are women, among them from many poor families. Subsidized health care, insurance, oil money distribution, VAT tax that is distributed directly to the public, political independence and more.