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    Rapture May 21, 2011 & Annihilation October 21, 2011 TRUE !!

    SixTen Ministries

    by SixTen Ministries

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    SHTF Preppers
    I think he missed it. Could it be September 2014? That is another one I have heard.
    By SHTF Preppers2 years ago
    SixTen Ministries
    Error~!You are a fellow Bible studying person I can tell~Thanks for the message. You made at least one comment which is totally INcorrect....If this was true then God decided to change scripture and open the minds of His people 35 years ago, right?.. Any person who has studied the Holy Bible to any degree KNOWS that in Daniel God specifically told him to 'seal up the book until the End-Times'... which is what ACTUALLY occurred~! The 'church age' ENDED May 21, 1988 ~ this is from the TIMELINE of history revealed in the Holy Bible. That is when GOD began ALLOWING the 'Spiritual eyes & ears' of true Believers to be opened & the mystery of the book of Daniel started to be UNcovered. I must tell YOU according to Scripture~YOU have been DECEIVED by the chief liar himself~satan~ who comes as an angel of light & NOW RULES in ALL churches & denominations~! PLZ IF U care about Eternal Life~study hard & FAST~only 3 weeks until JUDGMENT DAY begins May 21st.~Praying for you very, very much.~AMEN~!
    By SixTen Ministries5 years ago
    SixTen Ministries
    am trying very hard to post a comment and reply to your comment but this website will not allow my comments to post??????
    By SixTen Ministries5 years ago
    If anyone knows the bible, and believes scriptures, the scriptures Matt 24:42 clearly tell us that "No One" knows the day nor the hour when our Lord will reurn. Therefore to always be ready!!! You cannot speculate or determine the day and the time when God clearly says that "No One" will know because God's word is truth and He is the only one that we look too, not mankind. I do hope that I shed some light on those easily lead astray by false statements or confusion. Read your bibles, as for in the last days there will be many false teachers!!! Have a blessed day!!!
    By TrthBKnown5 years ago
    Brother John, I hate to call out heresy, but this date setting for Gods time table is clearly a heresy. God doesnt desire that anyone have the wrong idea concerning the day or the hour of his coming.
    Matt 24:42 Therefore keep watch, because you do NOT know on what day your Lord will come.
    [44] So you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him.
    [One good comes from heresies, that is people start to read the Bible again, for themselves] Mat24;24
    By sig4corp5 years ago