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    How to stop energy vampires and phantom power loads


    by Howdini

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    )O( hihihi hmmm ^^ Merci .
    By lsannegelli5 years ago
    That's ridiculous. It is true that appliance do draw a small amount of current, but the rest is pure nonsense.

    First, the amount is very small. Your Television draws nowhere near 10% of power use when it is off. So fine, telling people to unplug their TVs is fine, it won't help very much, but it won't hurt either.

    But, the her last bit of advice is horribly wrong. Using battery operated devices is much worse for the environment. Not only does it take far more energy to produce a battery then to produce electricity... and using batteries produces far more global warming gases then getting the same amount of energy from your wall socket. Not to mention that batteries need to be shipped in gas burning trucks, and then there are the batteries that need to be thrown away.

    Feel-good environmental advice is fine even if the effect is trivial.

    Advice (such as encouraging battery use) that actually hurts the environment is counterproductive.
    By ebrownp6 years ago
    This is SO COOL! What if everybody saved energy? How much better off our little planet would be.
    By newmoon516 years ago