Guillaume CRuDY Deconinck - Feel The Flame (Remastered)

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Guillaume CRuDY Deconinck - Feel The Flame (Remastered)

"Honestly, i was lost,
Nobody around me.
You can't feel what it cost,
When feelings make you see...

And do you feel the flame ?
Be blind, see my visions,
A kind, of incision...
Feel love, feel derision,
Look above, my decision...
Love as an addiction.

And all days, are the same,
When your heart, can't be changed,
Well drugs are like a game.
Lay me down in my bed,
I saw the one who came,
And who can't leave my head..."

Guillaume CRuDY Deconinck - The beauty in decay
Produced by Guillaume CRuDY DECONINCK
Engineered and mixed by CRuDY
All songs written by CRuDY
Assisted by KOsAD
Issued under license to KJP-Records
© 2009 KJP-records

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