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    IS ATHEISM SCIENTIFIC? Standard Revised Version

    Richard Aberdeen

    by Richard Aberdeen



    Boo! I created an account just to tell you this video is awful.Like most theists, you're so busy being God's lawyer you are trying to make him immune to physics, logic, and other forms of knowledge. There is no way to study God, get it? Arguably the greatest students of his "word" are atheists. There's been plenty of big contests that show atheists know scripture very much better than Christians, firstly, and secondly, have you ever seen God? I haven't. Even if i were looking at a sunset, for example, trying to imagine that was him i still have to acknowledge that a) somewhere beyond the horizon are millions of people dying, presumably, that are not going to heaven and b) I can associate the sun with any thing. Bigfoot, aliens, unicorns, zeus, the tooth fairy, the hobgoblin, the boogie man...Boo on you for ill-sense of logic.
    By bootoaberdeenopinions5 years ago
    I have not used any arguments at all. Clearly you cannot defend yourself against what I said regarding the contrast between your lack of integrity and the moral courage of a man like Hitchens. You've come off quite badly.
    By andrewdiscipleoftime5 years ago
    Ricardo Lane
    Every argument you use has been refuted ad nauseum, including this one. I really wish you'd come up with new ones. I'd like something that challenges me to think, and this doesn't cut it.
    By Ricardo Lane5 years ago
    I love nature, and when I appreciate it with my senses and my mind, it's plain to see how the passage of time, the changes in the seasons, the biological processes of animal and plant life all work to create the natural world. I've studied how these processes work, and the analysis fits the reality that I see. But I cannot see in nature any proof of the existence of a supernatural God, nor can I see any evidence for a Heaven or a Hell. Religion was taught to me as a child by emotional people who had a stake in my believing what they taught. The video that I just watched has some interesting debating tricks in it, such as insisting that it is up to me to prove a negative, i.e., that there is no God. But I'm not falling for it. Christopher Hitchens, who is now facing death very courageously, has more integrity that whoever composed the evasive, tricky and unfounded notions in this video.
    By andrewdiscipleoftime5 years ago
    just because you don't know the answer doesn't mean there isn't one. idiot.
    By uteanne5 years ago
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