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Richard Aberdeen
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"I find it interesting" aberdeenopinions has no value to his argument. That is no substance, nothing but biased, rhetorical questions about Hitchens. You have nothing of value to argue against, other than a man who has very concise opinions that conflict yours. Further investigation into Hitchen's work would prove that he has many arguments about how a person without faith can do good.

I won't argue the foundations of Christianity are good, but the for the greater good we must keep the wisdom and wipe out the diatribe. Western (and modern for that matter) civilization is founded on Christianity's morals, but as society progresses we have little need for archaic superstitions, inhumane punishments, and century-old law. That's why Christianity must, and will, stay in 'religion'.

In summation I hope the next book has better analysis of your opponent.
By MacheteSquad 3 years ago
You people are so smart with all your pretty quotes and ideas and thoughts. WOW, pat yourselves on the back, you sat in a dimly lit room and ripped on several people who did great things in their lives. What have you done? will anyone know your name in a hundred years? a thousand? do people talk about what you have said, do people think on your opinions? The answer my friends is blowing in the wind, and all you do in this life will float away on that same breeze. Respect the people you agree and disagree with because they are greater than you will ever be, if all you do is push someone elses ideals. Go be great you owe it to these men you idolize
By cubanmeerkat16 4 years ago
´hehee thank you very much for this
By georgiajgy 4 years ago
By uteanne 4 years ago
Oh, I see. So, since the so-called "age of enlightenment", it was smarter for the educated European world to engage in massive global imperialism, smarter for human beings to engage in the American, French, Russian, Chinese and countless other revolutions, smarter for science to create WMDs, bio weapons and global mass pollution. Yeah, that's a big improvement over what Jesus taught. Yeah, sure.
By Richard Aberdeen 4 years ago
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