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    Fish Oil Supplement: Maintaining Heart Health


    by NewHarvestEPA

    26 views In addition to exercising and good nutrition, you can improve your heart health by taking omega-3. Test your omega-3 IQ at

    VO: How do you maintain your heart health?
    Interviewee#1: You know the one thing I try to do is exercise
    Interviewee#2: I exercise
    Interviewee#3: I love to walk
    Interviewee#4: Interval training
    Interviewee#5: I’m running after a toddler so that’s where I get anything I’m gonna do
    Interviewee#6: I make sure not to eat saturated fats
    Interviewee#7: Pretty much just watching what I take inside my body, reading the labels
    Interviewee#8: My top three things that I would do to maintain heart health would be to exercise number one, eat right and take an Omega-3 supplement
    Interviewee#9: Right now, I don’t really maintain it, erm..
    Super: ‘the Omenga-3 fatty acid, epa, is known to support heart health…’
    Interviewee#9: …but I’m getting to an age where I realize I need to start thinking about it