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    Fish Oil Supplement: The Right Omega-3 Dosage


    by NewHarvestEPA

    117 views Some people take two capsules a day, while others take just one. It all depends on your body's need. Test your omega-3 IQ at

    VO: How much Omega-3 do you need?
    Interviewee#1: The Omega-3 dosage I take is one capsule in the morning, it says 1-2
    Interviewee#2: See my mom, now my mom is 80 and you’re not, my mom is taking 2 500mg capsules a day….
    Interviewee#3: I do not know the right dosage other then what the container tells me
    Interviewee#2: …I mean she’s like a walking oil factory
    Interviewee#5: I don’t know. I’ve never read erm, that there’s a recommended dose of Omega-3
    Interviewee#6: Yep just one daily supplement, that’s like huge, gigantic…
    Super: ‘everyone’s Omega3 needs are different.’
    Interviewee#6: …yeah it’s like this big
    VO: “test your omega-3 IQ at”