A Woman's Perspective on Male Crying


by asylum

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i agree with everything gargantuator said....
to say men shouldn't cry "unless at your fathers funeral or when your dog dies" is bullshit.. you realize that you are completely sexist.. women fought for a very long time to be respected and looked at as equals and now what.. women are superior? haven't women as a whole realized that sexist idealism shouldn't exist? haven't we realized putting anyone in a box and telling them they need to fit weather or not its good for them is wrong? apparently not...
women can cry publicly over little insignificant things but men cant cry when they are hurting emotionally?! you yourself needed to have "a good cry" and did you feel better? i bet you did.. because crying once in a while.. especially in stressful times is a fantastic release.. it helps... its healing.. but men are not allowed this privileged?
The fact is, YOU ARE WRONG. this is 2011.. we are no longer in the dark ages... its time you stepped into the light sweetie...
By ash11me4 years ago
So in your amazing revelationary opinion men are'nt allowed to cry. Did you know male suicide rates are substantially higher than female? Crying is a release of hormones, maybe if men felt they were allowed to cry, maybe they wouldnt be so compelled to , y'know , kill themselves.
You've also ignored the massive spectrum of anxiety and depressive illnesses which could, woe betide, make a grown man cry. I think its ultimately selfish, narrow minded and just ignorant to claim that men should not cry, when you yourself claim you like a good long cry. Where would you be without that freedom? Jesus Christ how did you get your pundit's privilage, with such unobjective inaccurate drivel like this. I'm a man and I cry, it happens. A lot of men cry too, and often. So that's reality, but you can carry on living with your generalized, stereotypical view of what a man is.
By gargantuator5 years ago
You are absolutely right. Crying is unmanly shameful bullshit like masturbation that should only be done in private.
By Cryptnotic5 years ago