Fish Oil Supplements: Omega-3 Benefits to Health

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VO: What are the benefits of Omega-3?
Interviewee#1: One of the benefits I’ve heard about with Omega-3’s has to do with heart health
Interviewee#2: Erm..I know it’s suppose to help your heart
Interviewee#3: Probably something to do with my heart..but I have no idea [laughs]
Interviewee#4: I actually don’t know the specific benefits; I just know that they are good for you [laughs]
Interviewee#5: I’m not sure HOW but I think it can improve your mood.
Interviewee#6: Yon know from all my readings I know it’s suppose to be in your diet
Interviewee#7: Skin, heart health, erm nails and hair
Super: ‘different Omega-3s offer different health and wellness benefits.’
Interviewee#8: Yeah, yeah that’s a good list.
VO: “test your omega-3 IQ at”