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    Fish Oil Supplements: Vegetarian Omega-3 Alternative


    by NewHarvestEPA

    117 views Not all fish oil supplements have the fishy after taste. Try a vegetarian variety. Test your omega-3 IQ at

    VO: Fish oil? Or not?
    Interviewee#1: My understanding is that ones that come from fish have better…are more effective
    Interviewee#2: I don’t like oily fish….
    Interviewee#3: I actually do take fish oil
    Interviewee#2: …it’s like, it’s just sticky, it’s smelly, it’s erm yeah..i don’t, I no…not a fan
    Interviewee#4: I prefer a vegetarian Omega-3
    Super: ‘now you can get the benefits of fish oil
    -without the fish.’
    Interviewee#5: You all of a sudden will have a little like a burp of fish oil later on and it’s disgusting
    VO: “test your omega-3 IQ at”