One Night Alone With You-Jack Hylton Orchestra


by Lou



Yes Lou, Pat was a familiar face in many films, and he went on well past the 1940's.
By Walter Gray 5 years ago
Hey you guys,I was wondering if Pat O'malley was a character actor in the 1930s+40s.His face is so familiar.
By Lou 5 years ago
Corrie, thank you for adding the information about O'Malley.
By kspm0220s 5 years ago
Lou, O'Malley was a brilliant vocalist and the way he slowed down the rhythm with that long note on "you" is amazing! Besides this is an exquisite performance, thank you!
By kspm0220s 5 years ago
I quite like the more intimate environment. BB, I'm glad you think DM still has a place..
By kspm0220s 5 years ago
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