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    APH (Hetalia) - Japan [Prisoner]


    by kunoichi159

    Just a bunch of pictures kind of thrown together to the song Prisoner by Jeffree Star (MAKE SURE TO DOWNLOAD THE SONG ON ITUNES OR BUY THE CD~). They are all yaoi couple pictures (shounen-ai) and they aren't of one specific couple.
    I think that there is:
    Japan X Greece
    Japan X Russia
    Japan X Prussia
    Japan X Germany
    Japan X (North) Italy
    Japan X England
    Japan X America
    Japan X South Korea
    I think that's all of them :)
    I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING! The pictures were found on photobucket and all credit goes to the original artists~ And APH belongs to Himaruya Hidekazu (I hope I spelled that right~)
    Made using Windows Movie Maker (since that's all I've got >_>)