2 States Solution

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In 1923, the British breached the terms of the Mandate and divided the land into two administrative districts. Jews would be permitted only west of the Jordan river.
In effect, the British, in collusion with the Arabs had stolen off 75% of the originally proposed Jewish homeland to form an Arab state which they called Trans-Jordan. This territory east of the Jordan River, was given to Emir Abdullah, (from the Hejaz, now Saudi Arabia) who has no historic attachments to the land whatsoever!
Trans-Jordan was renamed "Jordan" in 1949 when the Arabs invaded and illegally occupied for 19 years the districts of Judea and Samaria, in the Land of Israel, which they called the West Bank, in an attempt to rid the area of its rich and ancient Jewish history.
By Jewish Task Force 5 years ago
So now, the Jewish homeland was reduced to 25% of it's original size! In effect the Jewish nation had 75% of its territory stolen by the Arabs! it is the arabs who have been displacing Jews, not the other way round, as they will have you believe!
The world needs to understand that an Arab state has already been created in so called Palestine! It is known as Jordan... in which it's population is about 70% Arabs who not before 1967 did they realize they were Palestinians!
The world needs to realize, that it has been hoodwinked by the Arabs! The 2 state solution has already been achieved for 61 years!
When Jordan was invented by the British, the Arabs had THEIR Arab state. The two state solution was completed in 1949, with Jewish independence in their own land.
By Jewish Task Force 5 years ago