British election debate 2010, don't mention 20 years of wars

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by spsyed

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British election debate 2010, more of the same but mention 20 years of wars, lies, corruption, broken promises... Expenses scandal, tax increases, health and education cuts, more lies, and more war crimes abroad etc have all led to erode trust in democracy. Both mainstream parties are committed to use the tax-payers money to fund the ongoing occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq. Both parties are infilrated by extreme right-wing racists. Before you vote, remember: 'fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me'. Don't let political candidate fool voters twice, and again. British politicians are set to: impose more taxes on working people; cut health and education; fund more wars, invasion, occupation and adventures abroad; saddle students with debt for their university education; protect corrupt MPs from public accountability; and accept funding from big business and unions in exchange for political influence (politicians for hire). Lobby candidates at