Last Stand - Episode 2


by Renderyard

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Muchas gracias por el video y sustitulado a español.

Gracias !
By Volpeyo 4 years ago
the last part was pretty cool
By rebootwarcraft 5 years ago
Pretty cool, but some suggestions:

1. They need bladed or bludgeon weapons also, they will eventually run out of bullets.
2. They also need more protective clothing, the main character has a leather jacket, good for him. Everyone else in the main group is pretty much unprotected.
By joker32187 5 years ago
I like zombie films, even ones that are mediocre. This is pretty good, much better than the first ep.! I like the music too. Can't wait for the next episode!
By Pedobear 5 years ago
great web series!!
By fatfartfartfat 5 years ago
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