Last Stand - Episode 2


by renderyardchannel

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When the group set out together, they were seven people looking for hope. By the end of the last episode, zombies were encroaching on their hideout, bombers were closing in on their location, and one of them had turned on them to thin out the herd. "Dearly Departed" picks up with the survivors en route to St. Teresa's, the only place they know that may be safe from the viral scourge that is transforming everyone susceptible. Watch all episodes http://www.dailymotion.com/group/ZombieSeries


Muchas gracias por el video y sustitulado a español.

Gracias !
By Volpeyo 4 years ago
the last part was pretty cool
By rebootwarcraft 5 years ago
Pretty cool, but some suggestions:

1. They need bladed or bludgeon weapons also, they will eventually run out of bullets.
2. They also need more protective clothing, the main character has a leather jacket, good for him. Everyone else in the main group is pretty much unprotected.
By joker32187 5 years ago
I like zombie films, even ones that are mediocre. This is pretty good, much better than the first ep.! I like the music too. Can't wait for the next episode!
By Pedobear 5 years ago
great web series!!
By fatfartfartfat 5 years ago
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