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    Indian Students Avoid Australia


    by NTDTelevision

    Australia expects a dramatic fall in visa applications received by Indian students, after a series of racial attacks targeting the Indian community surfaced Down Under.

    Australia's High Commissioner to India, Peter Varghese, says that visa applications by Indian students will drop this year.

    Varghese spoke on the sidelines of a function in southern Chennai city, after the surfacing of serial attacks on Indians Down Under.

    [Peter Varghese, Australia’s High Commissioner to India]: (Male, English)
    "The application for the student's visa will fall this year. I think that probably reflects a whole number of factors but I think in larger term, we will see a rebuilding of the numbers."

    Varghese says that a slew of measures have been taken by the Australian government to ensure the safety of Indian students.

    [Peter Varghese, Australia’s High Commissioner to India]: (Male, English)
    "The government, both (at) the federal and the state government level, have been taking several measures to address the issue (attacks on Indians). I believe we are succeeding in managing it. We have increased police's resource, we have changed legislation to give police greater power to search, we have ensured that perpetrators are brought to justice as soon as possible, we had over 70 arrests of those involved in these attacks and they are being dealt with (by) our court system.”

    A large number of Indians go to Australia in search of better opportunities and higher studies.

    Since last year, there have been reports of more than 100 cases of assault and death of Indians, most of the attacks having racial overtones.

    These attacks have arisen especially around Melbourne city and its suburbs.