Israel: Victims Remembered


by NTDTelevision

On a special day each year Israel remembers its people who were killed in wars and acts of terrorism. Remembrance Day honors all of them with a moment of silence observed all across the country. Our correspondent brings us this report..

Remembrance Day in Israel occurs annually on the day preceding Independence Day. This timing is not random; the existence of this state is directly connected to its armed forces and those who sacrificed their lives for the establishment of an independent state with its own defense capabilities.

On this day, all flags are lowered to half-mast as a sign of mourning. Many Israelis take part in official ceremonies commemorating the fallen. Since Israel is a small country, many of its citizens have lost a family member or know others who have.

And now comes a unique moment. The sound of sirens can be heard all over the country, declaring two minutes of silence. All pedestrian and vehicle movement stops. This is a moment where silence is much more powerful than words.

[Zehava Shternfeld]:(Female,Hebrew)
“We should all remember that we didn’t get this country on a silver plate; we got it through blood, precious blood. It would be good if we all, for at least once a year, unite with all the people among us who grieve for their loved ones.”

[Dror]: ( Male, Hebrew)
“Because there is Memorial Day, it isn’t just a general thought. It is a day that reminds you every time what took place, so people will not forget why it happened, and not forget the people that owing to them we are here today”.

[Efrat Kashi]:(Female, English)
“I think this day symbolizes Israel to me, not Judaism, not politics, not religion, not other things. It is just real people giving up their real lives. And it is being united for the country, not for anything else, and to realize that everybody here gives up something.”

NTD News, Israel.