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    Impact of FTC Regulation on Advertising?


    by WebProNews

    WebProNews has extensively covered the ongoing saga regarding the FTC and regulation of online advertising. Continuing our coverage, we recently spoke to Jordan Mitchell, the Vice President of Data Intelligence at the Rubicon Project, to catch us up on the latest news around this situation.

    Last year, the FTC told the industry that it need to self-regulate. The Commission also said that it would step in with regulation if the industry did not do it on its own.

    Many bloggers and others in the industry expressed concern about the potential government intervention since they feared the enforcement of the regulation would be difficult and not done right. Because content has exploded online and has been largely supported by online advertising, Mitchell said many have raised alarm out of fear of innovation being halted.

    At this point, the government has been conducting roundtable discussions with publishers and advertisers to try to reach a solution. In addition, the industry is sc