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    Adopt A Sailor

    Mike Johnston

    by Mike Johnston

    At the heart of this film, is a very simple story

    about a very complicated relationship between three

    very different people. People who meet by chance, and

    who, in less time than it takes to have dinner--

    become a “kind of family.” From a structural

    standpoint, I of course considered “opening up” the

    movie further, ----“Why not see them go to the deli?”

    “Why not show Patricia at her gallery?” etc, but

    every time I tried to conceive the film that way, I

    seemed to be doing it for the “sake” of doing it----

    because convention seemed to dictate it. But
    in the end, I decided to come to terms with and

    respect what I think the “core” of this story is:

    Three people meet, have dinner, and change each

    others lives forever.

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