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    How to install a Disappearing Waterfall Part 2 | Pondliner.c


    by PondlinerCom

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    Spruce up the look of your backyard with a beautiful disapppearing waterfall from the professionals at Disappearing water features are one of the hottest things in gardening right now. A disappearing waterfall sounds and looks like an actual waterfall without the need for a pond.

    Disappearing Waterfalls can provide you with peace of mind, because disappearing water features are the safest and most convenient way to add the benefits of an actual waterfall without the safety concerns. Water is simply collected in a waterfall basin at the bottom of the waterfall. Then, a submersible waterfall pump, housed within a waterfall basin's waterfall well, recycles the water back to the top of the waterfall. offers different sizes and brands of Pond-Free Waterfall Kits. Visit for all of your pond supplies needs.