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    CBS 60 MINS 1979 LDS GARN BAUM Part 2 256 PMT

    Paul Maughan

    by Paul Maughan



    I encourage everyone to post this link on your websites to assist the truth to come forth. No More Secrets!
    By Truthprevails4 years ago
    Garn Baum is a good & honest man who had his property stolen by LDS Inc because they wanted his cherry pitting technology. Garn died an untimely death after he refused a shady offer by "King" Hinckley (who warned Garn & Peggy that if they told anyone he would "deny everything") who wanted the truth to be silenced since it showed the unrighteous use of power due to greed and a sense of infallibility that the "end justifies the means" as the "next in line to be Gods". Hopefully, Peggy's book will come out soon which exposes the LDS Inc corruption. After this 60 Minutes was aired, Richard Clark got fired due to LDS Inc political pressure on CBS. Absolute power corrupts absolutely much like the Catholic Church. Joseph Smith was like King David; both fell due to "carnal desires". (D&C 3:1-11).
    By Truthprevails4 years ago