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    Pecca Pics!

    by Pecca Pics!

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    Rebellious wild child Xabi is proof personified that you don't have to be straight to be a terrorist. The rebellious young man has been in and out of reform schools and prisons since he was a child. While out on the streets, he meets and falls in love with hot-headed militant Iñaki (Luis Hostalot), a middle-aged Basque separatist who teaches him the ways of his revolution. Along with his two friends, Mexican Joel and Moroccan immigrant Driss, Xabi dramatically escapes from prison and hitches a ride to Madrid. On the hunt for his revolutionary lover, Xabi picks up a trick at a mall, steals his gun, breaks into an empty apartment and sets up a small bomb factory, all so that he can impress Iñaki. However, Joel and Driss unwittingly scupper his plans...