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    Pola Negri~RAMONA~ Dajos Bela


    by Genia

    Montage of Pola Negri, silent film star of the 1920s.
    RAMONA ~Dajos Bela Tanzorchester
    I now add a translation from French that my friend Christian has wrtten in French as a comment.
    I thank him..
    Ramona, I did a wonderful dream
    Ramona, we were both parties
    We are slowly going
    Far from all the jealous eyes
    And never two lovers
    Do had known more sweet evening
    Ramona, I could then me drunk
    For your eyes, your fragrance of your kisses
    And I give everything to revive a day
    Ramona, this dream of love what wonderful song who will able to talk to my heart and warm inside.
    I enjoy every second.
    Allow me to thank you very strongly and honestly.
    Furthermore, your realization is remarkable me.
    And the fragrance of formerly is upsetting.
    I kiss you very strong but nevertheless respectfully.
    Christian (pamphletsong).