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    Video Montage - Mixing Microsoft PPT & Samsung Master 1.1


    oleh michaeldadona

    128 tontonan
    Video Montage Prepared By Mixing Microsoft Power Point and Samsung Master 1.1

    Step 1: Prepare the main montage by using Microsoft Power Point (PPT).
    Step 2: Shoot video while playing PPT video slideshow
    Step 3: Open the video file (AVI) in Samsung Master 1.1
    Step 4: Add "Text" for these words "this video for viewing" and its animation for text I used "Left-In" by positioning it at the bottom part on the video screen
    Step 5: Add sound file for "Nightangle.wav" sound file
    Step 6: I reproduced the mixed files into a new video

    Next time, I will use this "Video Montage" (VM) to join it with my new video produced and it will be the VM to new video reproduction.

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