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    Last Stand Episode 1


    by Renderyard

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    i like it. it's good considering, i mean, this obviously wasn't easy to put together.
    By matiasdario6 years ago
    That was a dialog error we didn't catch until after filming was over. The building was bulldozed, so we couldn't go back and reshoot it. Sorry.
    By Galaxy_Sailor6 years ago
    ETA of 2800 hours? There is only 24 hours in a day!
    By joker321876 years ago
    Hey folks, thanks for watching and leaving your comments, good and bad. The story behind the making of The Last Stand helps in knowing why episode one is the way it is and the subsequent episodes are, hopefully, better. The building we shot the first episode in was set to be destroyed in a few hours. We found out the building was getting demolished and we ran in, filmed something, and ran out. They tore down three other buildings and happened to run out of daylight getting to our building. The next day it was destroyed. In the rush to do the shoot, the camera wasn't set to HD, the mic boom broke, and people didn't show. That is why it is grainy, the sound if off a bit, and why there are no zombies in the first episode. I was using everyone I had at the time for the other parts. People have said that I could go back and reshoot zombies and add them in, but it doesn't seem right. I felt we just needed to go forward and do the best we could with what we had.
    By Galaxy_Sailor6 years ago
    Big Zombie attack in episode 2 next Monday things kick off!
    By Renderyard6 years ago
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