The Song I Love-Joe Rines Orchestra


by Lou

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The Song I Love-Joe Rines Orchestra on Br.4146.NYC,Dec.3-1928.Vocal by Scrappy Lambert.


Great record. I second the comments before this one.
By Boston Blackie 4 years ago
Patrick,this song on Youtube has 131 hits and 24 comments in the same amount of time.I agree they should stop redesigning these channels.
By Lou 4 years ago
Those web designers always think they should constantly be redesigning... they'd better stick to the attitude "If it's not broken, don't fix it". They are a trouble most of the time without offering additional value. But let's talk about the song: it's not the one I care most for, but Scrappy's great talent makes it so worth while!
By kspm0220s 4 years ago
You aren't the only one saying that. I have had a lot of personal messages about people not being able to comment on my videos.
By Ginny Karyn (gigi129) 4 years ago
Strange thing is I'm having trouble answering comments on Youtube since they made changes.I spend a few minutes and then it will say "sorry you made an error".I then throw up my hands and Give Up.
By Lou 4 years ago