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    Mekong Cruises Ltd offers 2 very comfortable cruises on the Mekong in Laos, cultural journeys and an opportunity to understand a bit more about life on the legendary Mekong river.

    LUANG SAY: A charming 2-day or 3-day comfortable cruise in the course of inaccessible mountain and sand beaches of the mighty Mekong, the lifeblood of LAOS, and spend the night in the Luang Say Lodge. Cruise departure from Luang Prabang or Houei Say. Much more about this unique cruise, enquiry & reservation.

    VAT PHOU: Discover the splendor of the mighty Mekong River and the UNESCO-recognized Vat Phou temple on this delightful three-day voyage aboard a luxurious floating hotel. Cruise departure from Pakse, LAOS. Much more about this unique cruise, the boat & the visits.