2010-04-17 yourdailyjingle presents: Everybody Loves Josh

Brian King

by Brian King

To Josh Roberts: Happy 30th birthday! I hope you have a great day! I hope that you enjoy all your birthday surprises, including this little treat from your wife! Your wife loves you very much. On the jingle order form, she wrote about 3x more about you than anyone's ever written on an order form. The Dayton Charity Chicken was a distant second. But anyways, I hope you know that you're a really lucky guy. Not only do you have a loving wife, but you have great friends and family who love you. I had a blast including some of your friends' favorite quotes and other things about you, such as Turn and Burn, the Evil Knievel quote (I doubt I'll ever learn where THAT came from!), the Dukes of Hazard, the Amish beard, and so much more. I don't know if this song will make sense to anyone other than you or your friends, but that doesn't matter. It's all for you, buddy. To everyone else: what do you think? Do you like the song, or is it just too full of random quotes that you're just totally confused? Why is it by a lake? Why was I wearing a dress shirt? So many questions... Lyrics Chorus Everybody loves Josh Everybody loves Josh today Everybody loves Josh And if you don't then you're just crazy Since Josh Is the coolest guy around Everybody everybody loves Josh Verse 1 What is it that makes you so cool? That every time I see you, I go gigigigidee gooo? Is it that you dress sharp as a tack By the way Evil Knievel called, and he wants his shirt back Maybe it was that Amish beard Or that you're the best fisherman here? Or that you can turn and burn on the soccer field Riding on those calves of steel Verse 2 12 years you have been with Yeva, And her love for you is stronger than ever! You are her love and inspiration And you make heading home her favorite destination At Lexis Nexis you're the tech master For troubleshooting software, no one's faster So feel free to watch some Dukes when you're feeling lazy Just one question, who'd you pretend was Daisy?