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    Shen Yun Moves a Singer to Tears in Kaohsiung County Taiwan


    by NTDTelevision

    This is the second time singer Chen Shuang has seen a Shen Yun performance. This time around, one particular dance moved her to tears.

    [Chen Shuang, Hakka Singer]: (Chinese,female)
    “I really cried very quickly, it really deeply made me feel that we are all the gods and Buddhas reincarnated on the earth. I feel we should use the limited years we have here to develop the beauty and goodness of our traditional Chinese culture, our divine culture. So I really thank Shen Yun, so whole heartedly making use of our culture, a divine culture.”

    Ms. Chen says she was especially grateful for the efforts of Shen Yun Performing Arts.

    [Chen Shuang, Hakka Singer]: (Chinese female)
    “I tell everyone, on television you cannot feel that kind of beauty of our Chinese culture, that kind of charm, you must experience it in person and you will be as moved as I am. Everyone around where the four of us were sitting were all shedding tears. Originally I wanted to hold it in, but when I saw everyone wiping their tears, I wanted to say I just can’t hold it in anymore, and I was stealthily wiping my eyes like this.”

    Ms. Chen says an experience like attending Shen Yun provides elation, a sense of loyalty and identity.

    NTD News, Kaohsiung County, Taiwan.