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Ladies & gentlemen
Whores & sluts
Step right up, behind this curtain
Is where all your fantasies come to lifee
This is a place where you can escape
Welcome to candyland!

Let me show you my game (watch! )
I put those shoes to shame (ooh! )
These rhymes sat alright
Make you wanna fuck all night
When we take off our clothes (ahh...)
She sucks me 'til it grows

I'll fuck her face so hard
She is my wild card (sweet! )
My sticky lollipop
It's such a sweet gumdrop
I'm bout to explode
It feels too good to stop
Just taste my tootsie roll
You rub my icicle
I gotta get my fix
Please lick my pixie stick

Just close your eyes and dream
A fantasy so extreme
I'll take you by the hand
This is my candyland
You are my sweet playground
Swallow, my love... 'til you drown
I'll be your back door man
Welcome to my candyland!

You want my cock (mine! )
But it's mine
So take a number
And get in line (what! )
Whipped cream and astroglide
Take off my wrapper
And slip n' slide

Sticky like a lollie (*gasp*)
Blow me 'til I pop (*pop*)
You can sample all my flavors
At my candyshop

Cumshots and gumdrops (ahh! )
Double fists and blow pops
Trick or treat
Squeeze my meat
Give me something sweet to eat

Slip n' slide on my face
You got that flavor, what a taste!
Lick it red hawt (sssttttzzzz)
Like a candy cane (mmm...)
You'd think I was a zombie
By the way I give you brain (mmm! )

Welcome to candyland
I'll split your ass in two
So take me by my head
Lick it up, slide it down
And satisfy my sweet tooth
Welcome to candyland
You'll wanna fuck me twice
I'll be your gingerbread man
1st time naughty, and 2nd time nice! (mmm! )

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