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    Teaser "The Rise of Man"


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    Twelve thousand years ago the earth was populated by a million men and women. They were nomadic people living in small groups of from thirty to fifty. They hunted, they scavenged and were in constant migration. They lived in vast spaces, seldom meeting others of their kind.
    Eight thousand years later, the earth held 100 million humans, living in city states, using metals, communicating over long distances through writing, trading their goods, their money and their knowledge globally, making war and spreading their deadly diseases.What happened?Here is the account of the great moments that led to the birth of homo sapiens sapiens on all the world’s continents.

    Directed by Jacques MALATERRE
    Produced by Frédéric FOUGEA & Barthélémy FOUGEA
    © Boréales – Pixcom – France 2 – France 5 – ProSieben – RTBF – Nota Bene – Motion Investment Group – Sagrera – NHK – Rainbow Angels – 2007