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    freaklances, Capitulo 05: El proceso inverso

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    Elena Poparcea
    Замичателъная серия!
    Приветствие от русских зрителей. Желаем успехов и благополучия.
    Por Elena PoparceaHace 6 años
    Elena Poparcea
    It is a well-thought - and at the same time - a funny chapter, which reflects the day-to-day activity of the freaklances, and of course, with its note of spanish humour... I like it a lot.
    PS: My best regards to Julio Garma and Alex Otero. I wish you good luck for the following
    chapters, though I am eager to...
    Sincerely, Elena
    Thank You
    Por Elena PoparceaHace 6 años