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    Taiwan's Renewable Energy Electric Car


    by NTDTelevision

    Driving full speed through the bustling streets of Taipei, this car doesn't need gas or even an electric plug-in. Here's a look at the "Salamander."

    Whizzing around Taipai city this car features a fully recyclable energy solution.

    Known as the "Salamander," the car operates on zinc oxygen energy fuel cells.

    Also known as ZOE, the fuel cell generates electricity through the metal's oxidation process.

    It can be recycled by using sun power to return the oxidized zinc back to the original metal form.

    Andrew Huang is the CEO of Advanced Power and Energy Sources… the company developing the technology.

    [Andrew Huang, CEO, Advanced Power and Energy]: English
    "So, looking at two sides of the board, it's like ying and yang, you breathe with air to generate electricity, you use a lot of solar energy to bring the reduced zinc oxide back to zinc -- it is Taichi, it's a full circle, that is always rotating, always sustaining."

    Huang says zinc's ready availability and low cost of production make it ideal as a mass marketable source of alternative energy. He says his company is ready.

    [Andrew Huang, CEO, Advanced Power and Energy]: English
    "Our future scope is to establish metal fuel economy. To use such energy source to replace majority of our energy consumptions, as well as to utilize such energy to build a world that's in time to save our future generation's survivability."

    288 of these little cells provide enough power for the lightweight vehicle to reach speeds well over 200 miles per hour.

    Of course, 80 miles per hour is the design speed and combined with brisk acceleration makes it nimble enough to function well in modern traffic.