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    Sunken South Korean Ship Resurfaces


    by NTDTelevision

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    A section of the South Korean naval vessel that sank about three weeks ago now emerged from the water. Salvage operations are still underway but the military’s efforts had been hampered by murky water and strong current.

    A part of a South Korean naval vessel surfaced from the water on Monday. The ship sank about three weeks ago amid high waves and strong winds near the disputed border with North Korea.

    Main armaments, rapid fire-guns and a missile launching ramp were shown on the surface of the water as the salvaged part of the ship was lifted by a crane ship.

    The vessel was moved about three miles towards the coast of Baengnyeong Island to prepare for the possible onset of bad weather, which would complicate ongoing operations.

    South Korea's military said it will complete the salvaging process over the course of this week.

    The Cheonan sank off the west coast of the peninsula near the disputed Yellow Sea border with North Korea late last month.

    The South Korean Defense Ministry says 58 of the 104 people on board the vessel were rescued before the ship snapped in half and sank.

    The 46 missing sailors were believed to be in the rear part of the ship that sank in waters about 130 feet deep. Two bodies were found at the rear part of the ship.

    South Korea has not ruled out a torpedo strike by North Korea. They say, however, the cause of the ship sinking will only be found after they lift the vessel out of the water.

    Efforts to lift the sunken ship had been hampered by murky water and strong currents.