Polish Presidential Kaczynski Plane Crash Gun shots Laughing

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This is a amateur video taken before the Russian Army arrive to the Polish Presidential Kaczynski plane crash. You can hear gun shots & laughter. The Russians probably executed the Polish survivors of the Russian planned plane crash, just like they execute tens of thousands of Polish officers 70 years ago at almost the same location.

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/ho it`s nice & wonderfull ;)
Von amberq0x Vor 4 Jahren
Just to add...
Our people have endured so much war from invading forces for the past 1200 years, including 5 separate uprisings against Russian alone and the crushing of the Russian soviet union, 2 World Wars and long list of other wars during the past 1000 years. It’s a miracle that we have defended against so much hatred direct directly against us. Our people have endured so much genocide from literally every direction no many other nations can say the same.

Your ignorance to historic records isn’t an excuse to call me racist, considering all the marvellous Russian oppression through the ages. The Polish people have every reasonable sane right to have a deep rooted distrust towards Russia, Germany, Austria, Ukraine, Sweden and other potential nations.
Von russiancrime33423 Vor 5 Jahren

Don't make me laugh. What a poor & blatantly petty response.

History has shown over and over how Russians feel about Poland and other surrounding nations that don't favor Russia. This incident is no different than any other. We have no reason to trust the Russians and their 7 day investigation of the crash.

Its been 70 years since the Katyn massacre and the Russian haven't even apologized for it, they haven't even acknowledge the events. The Nazis had to do it for you when they found the mass graves.

Conspiracy... I think not.

racist russian nuts, indeed.
Von russiancrime33423 Vor 5 Jahren
Oh boy, another racist crazy conspiracy theory nut!
Von Vera Narishkin Vor 5 Jahren
Great, well thought out & convenient alibi. Just like a lot of convenient fact surrounding the whole crash which people tend to just ignore.

That's probably the same reason why ten of thousands Polish officers and their families were killed 70 years ago in the same area of Russia. It must have been the bullets exploding when the Russians were roasting marshmallows near a camp fire.

I agree the Polish President's bodyguard were probably laughing with joy at 1:05 after firing a couple of rounds. HA HA HA.
Von russiancrime33423 Vor 5 Jahren
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