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    1 223 مشاهدات Love is the most universal emotion and feeling. It is tagged to be what makes the world go round. There are different kinds of love including parental love, friendly love, marital love and romantic love. It can be said that all people without exception experience love in one way or another. It seems that loving can be equated to living because loving is indeed a part of life. The expression of love takes various forms, from physical expression such as kissing, touching and embracing, to verbal expression such as saying, “I love you”. However, these expressions of love are passing. After the action is done, nothing tangible remains. Having a tangible expression of love might be the reason why love greeting cards became prevalent. The traditional greeting cards are made up of paper or specialty paper that has attractive designs. They contain images and of course, love notes. However, just as time passes, the norm changes because norms are dynamic. From the era of hardcopy of greeting cards, love e cards are now preferred by people. The use of love e cards has several advantages. The advantages include easy storage, easy transfer, cheaper than the hard copy of love cards, more animated designs, and the possibility of including music and videos on the card itself. Love e cards are easy to store because they are simply computer files. They do not have physical weight, shape and size. Even if they are computer files, the value of these cards is still no degraded. One may take a look at the card anytime one wishes. In addition to being easy to store, these cards are easy to transfer and take no-time to send. Since these are soft files, they can be sent via email or shared on a website. Thus, if the card should be sent to a loved one, a person does not have to go to a bookstore and buy a card, then hand it or much worse, ship it to a loved one. Love e cards are also cheaper because they do not need materials like ribbons, paper, scissors, crayons and glues. There can be animated designs ...