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    37 views | Discount Carpet Sales Calgary, AB What goes into the price of a quality carpet installation? If you are unfamiliar with what makes a carpet good versus what makes a carpet great, let this article introduce you to what it takes to have a quality carpet installation experience. Also note that any questions you have, our staff at Calgary Carpet and Flooring will gladly answer them for you, and we can be reached at phone number: (877) 217-8510. Understand that there are actually three components to having a great carpet installation. First is the most visible aspect you see, the carpet itself. However, parts two and three are just as critical to your overall experience; those being the carpet padding and the actual installation. This article will focus on carpet only and two different fibers: nylon and polyester. Now fiber is the actual material used to make the bulk of what we touch and see and call carpet. And the two main fibers are nylon and polyester. Knowing which fiber the carpet is made from is critical into knowing how it will perform once it is installed into your house. For years, nylon has been the fiber of choice, and for good reason. Nylon felt the softest, held its look the longest, and was easy to clean. And these points are still true today. However, these new generation polyester fibers rival many of the nylons in softness and appearance while usually being less expensive. A couple of things to consider though if you choose a polyester fiber. One, make sure to ask for a 'continuous filament' fiber. Quite simply, this style keeps your carpet from fuzzing up and leaving balls of fiber throghout your house which people find months after the install. Although regular vacuuming will prevent this problem. Second, make sure it is in the form of a PET or PTT polyester. Without going into the details, these certain polyester fibers are more durable than the polyester fibers of previous years. Some of the benefits associated with polyester fibers are: usually less ...