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    Huge Exhibition Hall Made of Plastic Bottles Taiwanese Taiwa


    by NTDTelevision

    It’s the age of eco building, and this is recycling at its best. Inspired by the amount of plastic bottles in their office trash cans, a Taiwanese company built a three-story exhibition hall out of them.

    A company in Taiwan has built a three-story exhibition hall using 1.5 million plastic bottles instead of bricks to raise interest in recycling.

    The 130 meter long, 26 meter high structure is a world-first.

    Far Eastern Group, a Taiwan-based conglomerate known for construction and financial services, commissioned it almost three years ago. They donate it to the city next month.

    The inspiration to build with plastic bottles came to them at work one day.

    [Arthur Huang, Miniwiz Sustainable Energy Development Ltd.]: (English)
    "When we are thinking about what type of trash to make a very, very green low carbon building, we just look at our trash can, and we noticed that in our office, most of our trash that we have are actually PET bottles, because all our engineers love drinking bottled tea.”

    They remade the bottles into plastic containers that interlock strongly enough to block the elements and withstand storms or earthquakes. The PET is strengthened with a coating. The hexagon shape maximizes its supporting capacity.


    The pavilion, dubbed the EcoARK, includes an amphitheater, museum space and a screen of falling water collected during rainy periods for air conditioning. The clear plastic containers in the wall allow natural light to flood the cavernous interior.

    Far Eastern will donate the T$133 million building to the city next month for use as a fashion pavilion during a flora exhibition in November.

    Outside Taiwan, builders have used recycled bottles to make igloos, greenhouses and even a floating tropical island. Recycled bottles are normally reprocessed into new consumer goods.