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Leonard Cohen's 'Anthem' by Michel Griffin

il y a 8 ans251 views

http://itunes.com/MichelGriffin or http://www.MichelGriffin.com to download more from Michel Griffin, seen here delivering a spirited rendition of Leonard Cohen's 'Anthem' at the March 2010 session of the Cahors Folk Club in SW France. Here are the lyrics, copyright © Leonard Cohen & Sony : The birds they sang at the break of day Start again, I seemed to hear them say Do not dwell on what has passed away or what is yet to be. Ah the wars they will be fought again The holy dove She will be caught again Bought and sold and bought again - The dove is never free. Ring the bells that still can ring. Forget your perfect offering. There is a crack, a crack, in everything. That's how the light gets in. We asked for signs the signs were sent: the birth betrayed the marriage spent Yeah the widowhood of every government -- signs for all to see. I can't run no more with that lawless crowd while the killers in high places say their prayers out loud. But they've summoned, they've summoned up a thundercloud and they're going to hear from me. You can add up the parts but you won't have the sum You can strike up the march, on your little broken drum Every heart, every heart to love will come but like a refugee. Ring the bells that still can ring ... And here they are in French : Les oiseaux chantaient à l'aube; "Tout est à recommencer", il me semble qu'ils disaient - "Ne nous attardons pas sur le passé, ni sur ce qui est encore à venir." Il y aura de nouveau des guerres, la colombe sacrée va de nouveau être attrapée Achetée, revendue et rachetée encore - la colombe n'est jamais libre. Sonnez les cloches qui peuvent encore sonner Oubliez vos offrandes parfaites; Il y a une fissure dans chaque chose - mais c'est par là qu'arrive la lumière. Nous avons demandé des signes, et des signes nous ont étés envoyées: La naissance trahie, le mariage épuisé; Le veuvage de chaque gouvernement - oui, des signes par tous visibles. Je ne veux plus frayer avec ces gens dévoyés, Alors que les tueurs ...