President May be Asked to Leave Kyrgyzstan

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The political climate in Kyrgyzstan remains turbulent today. The country's new interim government which took control last week, says it's prepared to offer the country's president an incentive to leave the country. Here's more on the story.

The head of Kyrgyzstan's interim government said on Monday that President Kurmanbek Bakiyev may be offered an incentive to leave the Central Asian country.

[Roza Otunbayeva, Kyrgyzstan's Interim Government] (Russian)
"Everyone is calling on Bakiyev to leave the Kyrgyz people alone, for Bakiyev to find himself a place outside Kyrgyzstan. By his actions he has placed himself outside the law. Morally, ideologically, he is at a dead end. Bakiyev has certainly raised the question: what will I get in exchange? This question is being discussed at the moment. We are working on the question right now to a certain extent.”

[Pierre Morel, European Union]: (Russian)
"The aim of my visit is to understand the situation in Kyrgyzstan after the events of last week. On this basis the European Union will make a decision on how to quickly and effectively help to restore public order, supremacy of law and democracy through peaceful negotiations.”

Washington is sending a senior diplomat to Bishkek on Wednesday, and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke to interim leader Otunbayeva on Saturday.

Bakiyev has refused to resign, though Russia has recognized the interim government's authority.

Bakiyev has denied giving the order to riot police and troops to shoot repeatedly into the crowds of opposition protesters, gathering to demand his resignation.

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