Teaser "Homo sapiens" / Begins at 16 sec.

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300 000 years ago, a new species of man appears. He is to be our most direct ancestor. He sets out to explore the land and seas. He adpats to every climate, finds ways to survive, tames of surrounding forces, pushing himself to the limit. He invents art, hunting, agriculture, livestock  farming, writing even medecine. His imaginantion transports him to the world of invisible. What is his true story, how exactly did he conquered the planet, how did he lay the foundation of our existence? Homo sapiens is coming, he will change the face of the earth.

Directed byJacques MALATERRE
Produced by  Frédéric FOUGEA & Barthélémy FOUGEA                                                          
Original music : Louis DANDREL  

© BORÉALES – PIXCOM - France 3 – France 5 – TSR - RTBF - To Do Today Productions – ZDF - RAINBOW ANGELS – 2004

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