Should You Use a Lactation Consultant?

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by DadLabs

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Are you an expecting dad or mom contemplating using a lactation consultant? In this episode of The Lab, Daddy Clay and Daddy Brad tackle this subject. They speak with lactation consultant Christine Kovach who advises checking with a doctor, hospital, or midwife to find one. She tells us how helping out with breastfeeding moms can be valuable for dads. She also discusses the nutrition, intellectual, and economic benefits of breast feeding your baby. If you've had experience with lactation consultant, drop a comment on this video or visit our discussion forum at and tell us more about it. DadLabs Ep. 619 is brought to you by BabyBjorn. Distributed by Tubemogul.


Christine Kovatch How did you become a lactation Consultant? Do you know of the lactation Pills that will cause the breasts of a woman to produce milk before she gives birth. Only men would need your services to make the breasts of a woman produce milk without having to produce milk. They would not know about the lactation Pills. Do these pills require prescription and can any Lactation Consultant write a prescription. If not you are a fraud and your services are not needed.
By mahafakir 4 years ago
What does a Lactation Consultant know that a mom does not know? Why to pay money to the so called Lactation Consultant? Breast Feeding is common Sense. You have to wipe your breasts before you breast feed your baby. I've seen several videos where moms just take out their breasts and shove their nipples in the mouths of their infants. You have to make sure that the breast is freely flowing through your nipples. The milk should start dripping before you put your nipple in its mouth. You'll only have to do it when you start breast feeding after the birth of the child. As a matter of fact right after the birth you'll not have to do any thing. The milk will be freely dripping. All you'll have to do is to push the nipple through the mouth of the nipple. Afterward you will have to massage and press your breasts for a few days. But you must squirt a little milk out of your nipples before starting to massage your breasts so that the milk from the breasts does not flow back in to the breast.
By mahafakir 4 years ago